About us

Peter and Claire started The Orange Skip Company back in 2005 with one lorry, 25 skips and the will to succeed !!!!  Today our family business has a fleet of skip lorries, 400 skips, 12 employees and a yard dog and cat to join the team.

Facts about our yard

We have used 7000+ tea bags in our yard this year
Average life span of a biscuit in the yard is about 4 seconds – favorites are tunnocks tea cake
We sort the equivalent of 320 wheelie bins of waste EVERY DAY
Strangest thing put in a skip … A 3m long sailing boat !
We have got through 5 kettles (see earlier fact )
We support 2 local charities and an under 8 football team and have raised nearly £3000 this year
We have 18 children between us and 3 grandchildren so all that remains to say is ‘Welcome to the family’.

Peter The Boss
Peter – The Boss
Favorite food is a curry
Excels at fixing lorries and diggers
Loves Scania Lorries
Started Orange Skips in 2005
Claire - Accounts and Admin
Claire – Accounts and Admin
Mum to 3 under 6 so nothing scares her !
Loves obstacle course races the muddier the better
Has 3 pet sheep
Wishes she had a megaphone !
Riggs - Head of Security
Riggs – Head of Security
Loves sausage rolls
Only drinks boiled water
Secretly loves the postman
Wants a dog boilersuit

Loves extreme mountain biking
Tried golf got a handicap of 12
Likes fishing but his favourite pass time is spending
time with his young family
Jamie – Driver
Changes car every week
Is dad to 4 beautiful children and stepdad to 2
Has a lorry dog called scrappy (even girlier than jay’s dog)
Total hoarder could be ‘Mr Trebus’ reincarnated
Karl - Driver
Karl – Driver
Collects Tattoos (bad ones)
Makes really bad mix tapes for his lorry
Play a mean harmonica tune
Loves Peaky Blinders & Colombo
Martyn – Driver
Lives and loves Lincoln
He is a super guitar player electric and acoustic
Builds them too from scratch …… Loves a bit of joinery!
Ben - Sorting Team
Ben – Sorting Team
Youngest member of the team
Always finds fancy dress in the skips
Head of machinery TLC and keeping the wheels rolling
Always wanted to be a plumber
Loves a bacon sandwich and cup of tea
Edd  - Sorting Team
Edd – Sorting Team
Collects watches but always manages to miss his bus !
Has the most extensive range of hats and work wear (military issue)
Is our longest serving member of staff
Loves Pies of any shape and size
Ensures that all furniture we receive is donated or recycled
Bandit - Head of Pest Control
Bandit – Head of Pest Control
Hates magpies
Loves Riggs
Knows his way to the burger wagon and back
Is not fat just BIG boned
Lady Jo
Lady Jo
Must be referred to our ‘Maam ‘ or Lady Jo
Totalling in love with her dog ‘JAKE’ massive staffy!
Bakes a great cake
Keeps law and order in the yard !
Keen DJ can mix a good tune
100% attendance come rain or shine
Has a dog called ‘cookie’ won’t bring it to work
As he says she’s a bit girlie

Skills : Can spot an old coin at 100 paces !
Has a great collection now.
Dad to two beautiful children
Has worked for us for 3 years and ensures the yard is spick and span.
Loves Fishing…. Biggest fish caught 12lb
Has lived in Lincoln for 7 years
Claims he is the only person in lincoln not related to wotjek
Always has a smile
Known to his friends as ‘Uncle’
Related to everyone !
Rides a bike with square wheels (no really!)
Loves to find fancy dress in the skips